Private Tuition for School Children

We offer 1:1 support online, at your home, or at one of our centres in London

There are many reasons that a parent may choose to employ a tutor for their child:


Difficulty with homework


Falling grades


Improving confidence in a subject


Concerned feedback from school teachers


Anxiety from children about their studies


Ensuring the best possible exam results

Whatever the reason for using a private tutor, it is always good to discuss the reasons with your child.  If a student is happy to see a private tutor and thinks it will help them, there is a higher likelihood that additional tuition will be effective.

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We specialise in…

11+ Exam

Private tuition for the eleven plus (11+) grammar school entrance exam


Preparation for English, Maths & Science SATs at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3


Private tuition to help with achieving the best possible GCSE results

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